60's Costumes

In the Nineteen-sixties the average home cost $14,000 and gas was only 25 cents a gallon. A lot has changed since then but there are a few things that have remained the same. For example: bell bottoms, mini skirts and peace sign jewelry are as popular now as they were then. The clothing of the 1960s had dramatically different styles. Mod girl minis were nothing like the suede fringe hippie styles that emerged later in the decade. From British Invasion styles to Woodstock styles, we've got 60s costumes from every fashion trend in this crazy decade.

We have everything you need for the perfect Sixties themed costume party. Hippie, flower child and mod girl clothes are just some of the ladies 1960's costumes you'll find here. Beatle, men's hippie, and beatnik are very popular men's costume choices. The 60's is a great theme for couples as well. Have fun dressing up in styles like the ones you've seen in old family photo albums and retro TV shows.

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