Wings are everything here! From the Angel of death to Tinkerbell. If you desire it, we have it! Our selection includes virtually every possible scenario that you could imagine needing, for a costume, ranging from simple wings to fully fledged costumes, all tailored around your party. We have wings for angels, dark angels, children's Tinker Bell wings and black wings for the less pure at heart.

Parties are an important part of our life and it is important that you look good when you arrive. That is why we complement our accessories with costumes to match. It does not matter whether you want to be the Angel of God or the God of all hell fire! We have the accessories that can make that happen. You may wish to take your wing theme in another direction. If that is the case, then may we suggest our Pilots costumes. Wings! simply by another name! The fun is in the choice and we firmly believe that we have developed the choice here for you today. Every scenarios can be covered and age is no problem, from the toddler to the adult, we have something that will suit everyone.

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