Baby Horror & Gothic Costumes

Infant or toddler horror costumes make adorable Halloween costumes. Don't let the word "horror" fool you. There is really nothing scary about them, unless you consider the frighteningly low price! For infants between three and eighteen months old, and toddlers from two to four years old, we offer an assortment of age appropriate scary looks for Halloween that they will love to wear when you fuss over how big and "terrifying" they look.

These children would look lovable in any outfit you put on them. Characters, like a little Vampire will make your little guy look like one handsome devil. Witches for infants and up are far cuter than you'd think so check those out too. Basically, we take the essence of Halloween and give it a pre-school twist so that all the classically scary monsters, skeletons, witches and vampires are now more humorous than frightening.

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