Baby/Toddler Careers Costumes

As a parent in the market for infant and toddler Halloween costumes, your choice has traditionally been limited to cartoon characters,  superheroes, princesses and pumpkins. Not anymore! Options for today's tots are endless and original. If you want a look that is really adorable but also sends a positive message, then turn your little one into a real-life hero. Dress them in a toddler occupational costume and they'll look like a little grown up, maybe even a "mini me".

These ensembles show support for everyday heroes. Does your son idolize the neighborhood policeman? He will get a great thrill out of trick-or-treating in his very own police uniform, complete with belt and cap. Does your daughter love to play doctor?  Surgical scrubs and a stethoscope will make your her feel important and warm the heart of everyone that she sees. She can use her newfound doctor skills to examine the family pet or her favorite stuffed animals.

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