Baby Pirate Costumes

A pirate's life can begins at birth. They're raised to love the sea. They have sailing in their blood. Babies naturally take to the water, making a Toddler Pirate costume a great idea for Halloween. Besides, they look so cute too! These ensembles are made for both boys and girls and are sized from 12 months to 4T. They mostly feature black, red and white outfits, but there are also pink pirate getups for girls as well as the official toddler Captain Jack Sparrow costume for boys.

Won't it be cute to teach your child to put their look together with a few accessories like an eye patch, a hat and a parrot for their shoulder. Then, teach them few words of buccaneer lingo and capture it on video. This will surely be one of the best Halloweens of their childhood. Get everything you need right here today!

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