Boys Animal & Bug Costumes

With a roar, a growl, a bark or a howl, your kid can turn into any type of wild animal or furry friend this Halloween. From dinosaurs and bugs to feathered foul and ferocious beasts, we've got all of the animal costumes boys want. Nothing girly here; just costumes for the rough and tumble little tyke that wants jungle creatures, insects and famous characters to dress as this year. Halloween is the time to let his instincts go wild.

Lion and Tiger costumes don't look nearly as vicious as they sound. On the contrary, they are more like cuddly stuffed animals. On the other hand, Werewolves are as scary as can be. They have thick fur, claw and fangs. Choose the outfit that best suits you child's personality. If he likes dogs, you can pick any of his favorites including Snoopy, Scooby Doo and Clifford the Big Red Dog. But if he prefers creatures with wings, we have a turkey, Woodstock and a variety of Penguin costumes.

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