Boys Colonial Costumes

History can repeat itself whenever the need for wearing a historic costume arises. If it is his favorite subject in school then he should love any one of these Halloween costumes. We try to cover the most important eras in America from Colonial times to the Revolutionary war and Civil war.

American soldiers as well as British Redcoats are well represents. Our early military leaders were also our country's founding fathers so we have ensembles for Ben Franklin, George Washington and Thomas Jefferson. Moving later into our history, to the Civil War, you can get patriotic uniforms such as a confederate or union soldiers. The Abraham Lincoln clothing is also a very important one in our line of historic outfits. Other iconic patriotic costumes for boys include frontier styles such as those of Davy Crockett and Teddy Roosevelt. They represent our country's expansion westward and our bravery for exploring uncharted territories.

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