Boys Egyptian/Arabian Costumes

The pyramids, King Tut's tomb and mummies are all part of Egypt's history. The things that archeologists have found such as jewels, pottery and hieroglyphics give us a window into the past. Our boys Egyptian costumes may be similar in style to something that was actually worn by Tutankhamen, who was just a young boy when he became king. A real king of the Nile would have worn heavy necklaces and headpiece made of solid gold. Our costume feature metallic gold fabric that gives the same effect, but saves thousands of dollars.

Travelling across the Red Sea from Egypt and you are in Saudi Arabia. Long ago, the Sultans ruled. He can be a pint-sized sultan with our boys Arabian costume that features rich satin and brocade with a royal headpiece. You can picture your little sultan riding camel back through the desert with an army of Arabian knights. The same desert is also the backdrop for movies such as the Prince of Persia. For an Egyptian/Arabian costume with a horrific Halloween twist, you can dress as a mummy.

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