Boys Vampire Costumes

Aside from the pumpkin, the vampire is the universal symbol of Halloween. This is meant to be a hair-raising holiday, so if he wants to wear one of our boys Gothic and vampire style outfits for Halloween, it makes perfect sense. Embrace the macabre and celebrate Halloween in the manner for which it is intended.

What do gothic and vampire costumes have in common? Vampires are Gothic. These outfits contain the same basic elements although the come in varying styles. You are sure to find a black cape with a standing collar and a vest. Many also have a medallion. While they represent the undead, they still feature a splash of red that gives the look a breath of life. On the other hand, Gothic costumes are a darker slant. Many times Gothic dress can double as vampire wardrobe but they generally represent a dark and spooky character such as an undertaker.

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