Boys International Costumes

Clothing styles are different wherever you visit in this world. Halloween costumes that are based on foreign or international clothing give your son an example of what cultures are like in different parts of the world.

What one wears in China can be completely different to what someone would wear in the Middle East. Since we like to celebrate diversity, we offer an assortment of boy's international Halloween costumes from places where the clothing is most interesting. Factor in that these are based on foreign and historical outfits from long ago and you have an eclectic mix for Halloween. For an example of traditional styles check out the Viking and the Christopher Columbus getups. Both are wonderful examples of traditional clothing from their respective countries during a specific era, around the 1400-1500s. One fashion that is still in use today is the uniform of a Sumo wrestler. This has remained unchanged for centuries and is exclusive to the Japanese Sumo wrestler.

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