Boys Pirate Costumes

Boys dressing up in pirate costumes for Halloween is one of the oldest fashion ideas around. The reason why it is still so popular is that they continue to capture our imaginations. They are the characters in fairytales and folklore. Stories of notorious pirates come from every culture that lives along a coastline. The heyday of pirates dates back to the times when they ruled the seas, robbing from the East India Trading Company. They stole money, jewels and commandeered ships.

Then they would bury their treasures for safe keeping and create a map to retrieve it at a later date. Pirates were also known for stealing these maps from each other and sailing the seas in search of these hidden fortunes. For all the glamour and romance they possess, they were nothing more than sailors and bandits. Regardless, when a boy wears a costume he takes on the role of a real man, like the one from movies who have sword fights and brave fierce seas.

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