Greek/Roman Costumes

Imagine what it would be like to race in a chariot or battle lions at the Coliseum. Or how about being a god or goddess with amazing powers and beauty. You can become anyone you want to be, if even just for a day, simply by putting on a costume. Let your imagination go wild and use items to create a character that will be remembered long after your Halloween party ends.

Ancient Greek and Roman times were a fantastic era in the history of the world. There were powerful gods and goddesses, emperors and queens, gladiators and warriors and so on. What a great idea it would be to dress in a Greek or Roman costume for your next Halloween Party. CSC has all the Greek and Roman looks you need, such as a Julius Caesar, Roman Toga, Roman Goddess, Marc Antony, Roman Gladiator, Hercules, Spartan, Centurion Coume, or Athena Costume, not to mention so much more.

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