Makeup is great way to complete your look. It is available both in kits for specific themes, and separately. Kits are most often sold for clowns, vampires, and witches. White, black, and colored face paint is sold by itself, as is fake blood. For those who really enjoy using prosthetics to complete a costume, stage make up may be the way to go. Theatrical quality grease paints and tools can provide professional results with only a little bit of skill. With some practice, it is possible to make realistic black eyes and cuts or scrapes, and adds facial hair or prosthetic facial features. It is possible to use face paints for many of these same techniques with similar results.

The best way to get great results when applying makeup is to use the right tools. Foam wedges work well for applying a smooth base, and smaller wedges for more detailed areas. Use a stipple brush to make realistic scrapes and bruises. A fine-tipped applicator is best for oozing blood. Color pencils, similar to eyeliner pencils, are good for fine lines and detailing.
A well-applied makeup job can be a costume in itself. It is a great alternative to masks, which may be hard to see through. That can be dangerous when traveling in the dark on Halloween. It is a much safer alternative, and can be used for multiple characters. The green used for a witch's face also creates a sickly pallor for a zombie.

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