Medieval Renaissance

Men's Renaissance costumes bring you back to a time when chivalry was alive and well and men were romantic, strong and brave. Men would sword fight to the death for the honor of a fair maiden and knights would joust for sport. Kings and Crusaders waged war over their kingdom and their beliefs. And they all looked so incredibly handsome in their varied clothing. Take a look at our selection for men and you will see exactly what we mean. You can dress up as common townsfolk, nobility, a knight or even famed figures, like Robin Hood!

The age we call the Renaissance was the rebirth of classical culture throughout what we call the Western World. It focused on enhancing educational programs and on bringing high art back to the foreground of society. When others think about the artwork, we think about the clothing! It goes without saying that the dress of the time was colorful and unique making for fantastic costumes nowadays. These ensembles are terrific for Renaissance Faires but they are also perfect for many other occasions. Of course, Halloween is one but there are also theatrical events, theme parties and a new trend of themed weddings where guests are asked to come in costume.

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