Mens Pimp Costumes

While their business may not be the most respected on the planet, their outfits certainly are some of the most colorful! Pimps rule the streets and show off their power by wearing extravagant and colorful clothing and jewelry, almost like a peacock showing off its feathers! Our pimp costumes for men come in regular and plus size because players come in all sizes.

These ensembles are flamboyant and over the top. No other man can get away with wearing purple velvet and zebra print! But when a mack daddy does it, it looks sharp. They have it going on. A typical outfit should consist of a suit in a bright fabric or an animal print. A big hat, with feather trim, is also a must-have. Then a walking cane, platform shoes, sunglasses and lots of bling will bring the entire look together. Don't skimp if you want to be a pimp. The accessories definitely matter with this one. Once you're all dressed up, you will feel like you are quite the lady's man. If you were never much of a playa' you will be when Halloween rolls around. You will be getting all of the attention so be cool, be pimped out and be ready for action!

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