Men's Pirate Costumes

Arrrggghh, so you're looking for a men's pirate costume, are ye? Well you've come to the right place. Pirates have had a big impact on culture since they first came to be. The first reports were in the 1600's when they scoured the high seas robbing from the East India Trading Company. There are also reports of pirating as far back as the days of Viking ships. However, when we think of them, it is more from the genre of fiction, such as the characters from books and movies. We envision romantic voyages with secret maps that lead to buried treasures of gold and jewels beyond our wildest dreams.

Along the way, pirates are met with confrontations, sword fights and violent storms on the high seas. Being a buccaneer is portrayed as exciting, glamorous, treacherous and criminal all at the same time. What drama. No wonder why these ensembles are so popular. No character personifies the life like Captain Jack Sparrow, which also happens to be our best-selling costume.

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