Plus Size 60's Costumes

If you're ready to throw back to the groovy, psychedelic Sixties, then we've got plus size 60's costumes that you will love! The sixties were a time of transformation, love, great music and far out fashion. During the 60's many fashion trends emerged, such as micro mini boots, long skirts, colorful prints, bell bottoms, short hemmed, long sleeved dresses, and colorful headbands. Many of the styles that came out of the decade are still popular today, as fashions tend to make a comeback every few decades. The 60's seems to be the time that influenced fashion the most out of all of them.

You have a lot of choices if you want to dress like a free spirited child of the sixties. You can be a hippie flower child, a psychedelic rocker, a foxy 60s babe in bell bottoms, or even a groovy flower power chick in micro mini boots. No matter which of our plus size 60's costumes you choose, you're sure to be transported back in time so that you're channeling the true spirit of the Sixties.

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