Plus Size 80's Costumes

When you think about one of the funnest eras of our time, instantly, you think of the 1980's. No other time has brought us more fun, innovative and experimental styles than this great decade. With all the fun colors and distinctive make-up styles that define this decade, there is no mistaking it when you see it. Get ready to jump straight back to the Eighties with these plus size 80's costumes, flamboyant and fun as ever! Leave no questions about what you're dressed up as when you wear one of these costumes. Instantly take everyone back while embodying the era. Take it "to the max!"

It's the look, the styles, the make-up and the clothes. If you want to dress-up as a rock star straight from the Eighties, we got you. Ourplus size 80's costumes are the best around. We have taken everything into consideration when creating these plus size 80's costumes. From the fit to the authentic look, leaving no guess work, just dress and impress everyone at the next theme party that you attend, or even have a night of fun taking that special person back to the past.

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