Prince & Princess Costumes

Sure it’s fun to dress as royalty alone as a beautiful princess, but isn’t it so much better when you have a handsome prince by your side? With these Prince and Princess costume, you’ll be able to coordinate your royal efforts perfectly, and maybe even live Happily Ever After!  Whether you and your partner want to dress up like your favorite Disney couple, perhaps Beauty and the Beast or Cinderella and Prince Charming, or want to star in your own fairy tale we have a costume for you. Using fabulous designs and high end fabrics, you’ll have costumes fit for a king and queen...or at least a prince and princess!

If you and your partner are the kind of couple that’s been together so long you’re practically the royal couple of your group of friends, of course you should wear a Prince and Princess couple costume.  We supply a wide range of royal costuming that makes use of rich fabrics and intricate designs for the perfect royal couple look. Don’t forget the proper crown, jewelry, gloves, and other accessories that that you would need in order for you to receive the complete royal treatment. princesses totally need a tiara, while princes can’t slay dragons without a proper sword! From Beauties and Beasts to Snow Whites and Princes Charming, together the two of you will embrace the fairy tale life in total and complete style.

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