Don't oversell what you have and instead undertake an effort to go get yourself some of our fantastic graveyard props and decorations. We have a huge assortment, including ominous tombstones, scary skeletons, massive statues, and chilling zombies. Check out, for example, our grisly pumpkin fog machine accessory, which makes it seem like the eerie smoke on the ground is bellowing from the head of a regular Jack 'O Lantern. Pair that up with a frightening headstone and you have the groundwork for a great graveyard scene.

With the scene set, you can truly celebrate Halloween in its purest forms, among all the damned and terrifying characters. Add a light up tombstone angel, or a ghoul that appears to burst out of the ground accompanied by smoke. We even have licensed material, too, including the tombstone for everyone's favorite Nightmare on Elm Street - Freddy Krueger. Cemeteries are often the setting for many a horror tale, so get ready to throw one hell of a Halloween party with your very own display of corpses and tombstones to make everything deathly fun.

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