Sexy Egyptian/Arabian Costumes

There are many occasions to consider wearing sexy Egyptian-Arabian costumes. There's really nothing quite like an exotic Mediterranean fashions of the time. Women of means were adorned in fine fabrics and jewels, and they were highly desirable. In ancient times, Egyptian goddesses ruled their countries. Cleopatra was known for her intense sexuality, and Nefertiti was remembered for her fertility. The pharaohs were so revered that they were mummified.

Pyramids were later built to represent these demigods, as tributes to them and their goddesses so prevalent of that exciting time period. Sexy Egyptian Arabian costumes of the era included opulent metallic and gold details which added glamor to the garments worn by sultans, harem girls, and kings, in addition to the well-known belly dancers and even snake charmers. Professional belly dancers are popular as ever, having always remained in some form.

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