Sexy Greek/Roman Costumes

Ancient Greece and the Roman Empire are two of the most heavily referenced and celebrated cultures in history. Greek mythology is the inspiration for many stories we enjoy today and Greek government is a model for today's many powerful democracies. Meanwhile, Rome's vast empire, thirst for power and contributions to architecture, law, religion and art make it the inspiration for countless movies and television shows. So, when searching for an easily recognizable, convincing, yet ultra-hot outfit for this year's Halloween party or masquerade ball, turn to our sexy Greek and Roman costumes for an alluring look.

For those seeking the mystique of an all-powerful goddess, there are several costumes available to fit the bill. Our women's Greek goddess costumes such as Athena or Medusa are from the sexy goddess collection. Goddesses are beautiful whether you want to represent war, wisdom, beauty, love or even evil. The dresses feature asymmetrical hems and gold embellishments. For the woman who's interested in sex-appeal and bearing a little less skin, there is a selection of fitted white, floor length gowns inspired by the ancient chiton, popular attire in Greco-Roman times.

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