Sexy Saloon Girl Costumes

Shake up your Halloween style with our Sexy Saloon Girls Costumes. These show girl outfits typically include a corset style top and flirty skirt. Black, pink, and red are typical colors that show off the saucy nature of these characters. Lace and frills are also an exciting detail of most of these designs. The saloon gal look is a fun twist on a western style for theme parties and dress-up events. Many of these saucy skirt and fringe top sets would look great with some additional western accessories. Fishnet stockings, mini top hats, garter belts, and opera gloves can really add some pizzazz to your ensemble. A few modern inventions like patent high heels and full-bodied wigs can help take your look back to the olden times of the Western frontier.

Stories from the Wild West are full of rough and tumble cowboys, surly bartenders and saucy bar wenches. The saloon girl image is a bit of an icon for the old western frontier. Typically these bar maids served as waitresses and entertainers all in one. Can-can dances and showgirl acts are commonly thought of when someone brings up the idea of western saloons. Movies featuring the Old West usually have a scene or two in the local bar. These taverns were the scene for bar fights, shady deals, and standoffs between sheriffs and renegades. You can play the part of the innocent barmaid with a sassy and seductive showgirl look.

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