Sexy TV & Movie Costumes

We offer an unique twist to many popular TV and movie characters ranging from horror to humor. Michael Myers and Freddy Krugerand from Friday the 13th Jason were the ultimate bad guys in the scariest Horror films of our youth. They might not be the first characters that come to mind when you try to think up something sexy but here they have been transformed in the fitted dresses with alluring, yet scary details. Humorous yet hot movie and television costumes include racy cartoon character outfits like Hello Kitty. With this range of sexy TV & movie costumes, you'll can by either scary or silly this Halloween. But there's more!

Superheroes are incredibly popular at the moment, with the Avengers hitting cinemas this month, now is the ideal time to don your cape and play at being a superhero. While it seems that only the most popular of superheroes are male, our sexy TV & movie costumes carry the same idea as the iconic horror characters. What if these strong male characters were female instead. Gender shouldn't matter when it comes to kicking butt and saving the world. We also stock the more traditional women superhero, Batgirl and Wonder Woman but check out our Adult Sexy Robin Costume. It could leave you saying Wonder Who?

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