Sports Costumes

Batter up! Touchdown! GOOAAAALLLL! Take your love and enthusiasm for athletics and wear a sports uniform for Halloween. Kids don't need to bother with their stained, old little league or Pop Warner uniforms. Adults do not need to head to the sporting goods store for an expensive uniform or team jersey. We have something even better. Our sports costumes have humor, horror, nostalgia and sex appeal. They are brand new, clean and meant for one purpose only - fun.

Sports costumes come in all sizes and styles. For example, boys will really love the boxing and wrestling attire. If they want to have a scary option befitting the holiday, we sell Extreme zombie sports uniforms in hockey, football and baseball player styles. For girls, we have a great assortment of cheerleader sets. Women's styles include sexy racecar drivers, golfers and baseball beauties. Men can enjoy humor and nostalgia with sportswear such as the sumo wrestler and a Babe Ruth inspired old-timer baseball uniform. Adult selections come in regular and plus sizes. As with all purchases, consult the size chart before you check out.

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