Window & Wall Covers

Walls can tell you a lot about a place. Chipped paint, warped wood, and creepy portraits are all signs of an old or abandoned home. Transform your house into an eerie and forsaken setting with our incredible line of Halloween Wall Decorations. Everyone who steps inside your house of horrors will immediately see that the walls are covered in chilling accessories and decorations. It is the perfect way to capture the spooky mood of Halloween. Create all sorts of scenes that will enhance your other props and accessories. If the walls are covered with disturbing displays and details, imagine what the rest of the house looks like!

Wall backdrops are a simple and effective way to heighten the sense of doom in your haunted house. Check out our selection of wall backgrounds to create the most elaborate setting. We have wallpaper decorated in bloody handprints, skulls and bones, zombies, monsters, and more. You can purchase any of our creepy portraits to hang above the wallpaper to increase the scares. The incredible variety will make it easy for you to find exactly what you are looking for. Searching for something less frightening? We offer silly wall decorations, as well as playful and cheerful designs. These accessories are perfect for the little trick-or-treaters. Stickers, banners, and window decals are also extraordinary ideas for your Halloween setting.

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