Women's Funny Costumes

If you want to be the hit of your next costume party, you need to wear something that the other guests will remember for years to come and praise you for your creativity. When you walk through the door in a women's humorous costume, you are sure to become the life of any party you attend.

Anybody can dress as a witch or a princess, but you should put more thought into it. These funny women's costumes let you disguise yourself as anything from a classic cartoon character to a tacky tourist. If you want to create a nostalgic look, there are a multitude of decade getups to lampoon every era from the roaring 20s to the fabulous 50s to the awesome 80s; these costumes are the perfect way to pay tribute to the kooky pop culture of the past at your next nostalgia party. Some of these outfits border on the surreal; who wouldn't remember a woman walking into a room dressed like a tomato?

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