Saloon Girls

Take your look back to the wild west with our <strong>Women's Saloon Girl Costumes</strong>. These Western outfits feature corset tops and frilly skirts to match the sassy look of olden time bar wenches. Red and pink are some of the most popular colors for these dancer ensembles. Once you have chosen a saloon dancer dress, don't forget to top off your style with cowgirl accessories and other old west props. Mini top hat headbands, feather boas, opera gloves, petticoats, and fishnet stockings will help to complete your ensemble. Don't forget to go over the top with your makeup for a flashy and flirty style. Saloon dancer styles will take your look back to a time of rugged outlaws, sheriffs and renegades.

Saloon girls were the entertainers and bar maids in old west taverns. These alluring ladies were dancers, singers, waitresses, and hostesses all rolled into one. In cowboy movies, they are often portrayed as the sultry love interest or unobtainable star of the stage. The look is very similar to can can dancers or French showgirls. You can create a more exotic feel for a dancer dress with long wigs, feather headbands, and velvet choker necklaces. Cowboy stories are a loved part of our vision for the past. Classic western movies have given us a love of the Wild West that revolves around the idea of shoot-outs at the saloon or passionate bar fights. Saloon wenches are an icon of the glamorous cowboy films of the past.

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