Women's Careers Costumes

Everyone loves a girl in uniform, or at least they will when they see you in one of these sexy and slimming occupational Halloween costumes. A women's occupational outfit is great way to show guests at your party what you've always wanted to do, and to give it a sexy twist. There are many occupational styles to choose from, from the more serious to the iconic.

Most of the women's occupational costumes are based on archetypes of what most children want to be when they grow up, such as a policeman, fireman, nurse, or even the ringmaster of a circus. Be a sexy teacher or maybe you want to be a free willed student again. You could also be an army officer or a sassy detective. Also, many of these costumes are traditionally male jobs as well, adding an interesting spin to the job of boxer, baseball player, or sailor. Also, there are the very sexy iconic looks like the gangster, playboy bunny, or full grown Girl Scout.

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