Baby & Toddler Costumes

Make your little one's first Halloween as monumental as possible when you select from our giant supply of infant and toddler costumes and accessories. Featuring a vast array of classic, adorable, comfortable, and officially licensed costumes, your baby will be dressed in a high-quality costume that will widen every smile they pass. Develop the quintessential baby vampire character, or show off your kid's love of dinosaurs with an official and officially awesome Jurassic World costume.

Irresistibly adorable, everybody loves a clever mother-child costume. Costume SuperCenter’s selection of Mommy and Me costumes has a memorable, comfortable and cuddly option that will reflect your Halloween excitement.

Check out our amazing clearance section for a treasure trove of high-quality and rarely seen costumes and accessories for infants and toddlers!

Baby & Toddler Costume Ideas and Tips

What could make your adorable toddler even cuter? Why a costume of course! Our Baby and Toddler Costume department can add that extra dash of cuteness that you need for the evening. 

Expect your child to be passed around and entertained all night but putting them in a Toddler Lion Cub Costume, every person they meet for the night can help them find their courage on their yellow brick road. More excited about the new Winnie the Pooh movie that is coming out than your child? This Winnie the Pooh Deluxe Infant Costume will transform your baby into your favorite character from childhood all while giving you an excuse to discuss how he or she really loves honey. And if your favorite part of Halloween is everything scary and skeleton related you will be in heaven with this Toddler Deluxe Little Monster Costume. Your child will transform into the little monster you know they hide from the outside world.

Baby, Infant and Toddler Costumes

Choosing a costume for an infant or toddler can be fun due to the huge variety available. In recent years, designers have added newborn - 4T collections to their lines, making great choices for even the smallest of babies. The huge variety for infants and toddlers are great for trick or treating, a play, or just a game of dressing up. Make sure you have your cell phone with you at all times because you'll be posting adorable pictures like crazy.


One of the most appealing features of professionally designed baby costumes is that most incorporate a bunting or pajama type of design with a hood or other head covering. This design feature makes them more comfortable and thus makes it more likely that your child will enjoy wearing it. The basis of this design is safety and comfort. Furthermore, infant dress-up ideas have expanded this year so when you shop for the best selection yet.


For babes that are not walking yet, adornment on the feet is fine, but for toddlers that are just starting to walk, the outfit that allows free movement is the best choice. When it comes to head coverings, allow your child's preferences to guide your buying decision. If your child does not like hats or other head coverings then one with a hood design may not be the best choice. It is also important to choose a one that is designed for your child's age group. Designers and manufacturers work to make sure every age group has a large selections of appropriate items. With so many choices available, you are sure to find the perfect ensemble for your child.


The newest lines of Halloween costumes for preschoolers cover just about every type of character imaginable. Our vendors offer amazing designs to ensure that even the littlest of party attendees will be able to participate in the holiday festivities with a great get up. The latest costumes borrow themes and characters that are typical of older children or adults, and pare them down for even the smallest of tots. Some of the most popular kinds are firefighters, football players, and fairy princesses. They are beautifully designed and are sure to be the talk of any holiday party.

If you need a toddler outfit for a preschool play, there are many themed ideas to choose from. Some of the newest designs will be rolling in for October 31, so stay tuned to our site as the year goes on. Previews include the lion, a hot dog, and a toy soldier. Just about any character you can imagine has a license available right now and comes in a size that's right for your baby. Cute styles for little ones always look adorable, not matter what the occasion.

Infant & toddler costumes are great for Halloween, and even more fun for use as creative toys. Not only will your child have fun pretending, he or she will also be learning to don clothing independently. The idea of dress-up clothes as year-round toys is definitely one to consider. Your child will love it and you'll enjoy watching them partake in hours of imaginative play time.

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