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Coming up with ideas for boys is fun and easy when you know where to shop. They love action and adventure. They love to play the hero, to rescue those in distress, and to pretend that they are bigger and stronger than they really are. To help the special boy in your life to choose an outfit for Halloween, a birthday party, or for dressing up any day of the year, here are some ideas for boys costumes that might appeal to him.

Star Wars

Star Wars is a very popular choice Darth Vader is an especially appealing villain to many kids. Adding a black cape and black boots to his signature shiny black mask will turn your little guy into the most feared Sith Lord. Anakin Skywalker is another option for him to dress as - Lord Vader before he became evil. After donning a tunic and an Anakin mask, he will only have to add a light saber to complete his ensemble. Any kid interested in fighting the Star Wars villains might enjoy dressing as a Clonetrooper too. This type of costume includes a full-body jumpsuit and mask. Every clone trooper should also have a blaster or rifle.


Other heroes that little lads emulate and might wish to dress as include Indiana Jones, Iron Man, or one of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. An Indiana Jones costume should include a leather jacket, trademark hat, machete, and whip. The Iron Man armor is shiny red and gold. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle suits allow your son to dress as Michelangelo, Rafael, Leonardo, or Donatello. They include the Turtles' respective colored eye bands. You have the option of adding the appropriate weapons to each one, allowing your child to be a "hero in a half shell."


Many kids like to pretend to be ninjas. Several ninja styles are available, from a blade ninja to a dragon warrior ninja, or a shadow scorpion ninja. The accessories vary in style depending on the type of ninja desired, and come in a rainbow of colors. All these boys' Halloween costumes come with jumpsuits and a mask or hood of some type. Some include armor or weapons.


Your son can pretend to be an American military hero with an armed forces or Marine uniform. Other occupational looks like astronauts, police, firemen, doctors and more give young fellas the opportunity to be many things. They are the types of uniforms that kids like to wear for playing pretend and make a more realistic alternative to dressing like a superhero.

Helping your son to find a Halloween costume will allow him to be the hero that he dreams of being, but many boys love pretending to be a powerful villain too. That's OK because when it comes to boy's, ideas abound! Whether he dreams of dressing up in one of our many get-ups or chooses accessories for an original outfit, he'll find what he wants here and you will be very pleased with the price

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