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The imagination of little girls takes them far and wide. From the safe confines of their bedroom, witches with pointy hats and candy cane colored tights can fly through the air. Majestic queens manage their dainty queendom, filled with dignified courtiers and hilarious jesters. Through our costumes, we will give life to whatever character your girl dreams up. Our extensive selection of girl’s costumes features popular trending outfits and unique, new ones that no one has seen before!

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Once your little girl makes her costume selection for the season, she will have ample opportunity to wear the outfit on several occasions. Whether she chooses to be Snow White or Princess Jasmine, she will be able to throw on the costume for Halloween, a school play, a children’s costume party, or simply to experience her at-home playtime to the fullest extent possible. We all know the classic stories of Aladdin and Rapunzel that have thrilled generations of children.

These little details make a costume brilliant. Masks, boots, gloves, and hats are examples of accessory items that can lend excitement to your girl’s costume. 

Even thrifty parents will find the perfect girl’s Halloween costume in our clearance section. We offer a wide array of colorful, high-quality outfits for under $20!

Mom and daughter always make a cute photo. This Halloween, why not get matching costumes for both mom and child? You’ll find fantastic matching costumes for both adults and children!

Dad and daughter, too, make a lovely family photo! Get wild and wacky in your choice of costumes for 2018 by dressing up in picture-perfect outfits.

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