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We have a wide array of kid, toddler, and teen costumes that will thrill and delight all ages! Choose a classic style costume to kick it old-school as a vampire, werewolf, or your other favorite movie monster. Instead, you could choose to protect your fellow trick-or-treaters as Captain America or Buzz Lightyear. With the right planning, no matter where your Halloween takes you, you will have a high-quality, comfortable costume that you will love to wear.


Popular Licenses for Kids

Celebrate all your favorite characters from movies and TV with our huge selection of officially licensed kid’s costumes and accessories. Jump into the prehistoric excitement of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom or cosplay as your favorite Avenger with an official MCU Halloween costume that's faithful to the source material and awesomely fun.We have all the most popular characters in a variety of styles. Find a version that makes you stand out in a crowd.


Before you lock down your final Halloween look, take a look around our clearance section for more great ideas to make the most of your costume. Our clearance selections are a great way to save money, build DIY costumes, and flex your creativity to create a one-of-a-kind Halloween costume that everyone will love. These selections include complete costumes, individual specialty costume items, makeup pieces, and more.

Developing a family Halloween costume theme is a fun way to take a great idea and elevate its scope to the next level. Hit the Halloween route dressed as the entire roster of Power Rangers or with Dad dressed as Captain Kirk and the rest of the family as the crew of Star Trek's iconic Starship Enterprise. You can create a presence that will have the neighborhood cheering.

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